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[25 Dec 2011|02:51am]


Hey guys! Any of you guys like Harry Potter? Contests? Games? Writing? Graphics? Chilling with a bunch of cool cats? If you've answered yes to the above, then hogwarts_elite is the perfect place for you.

A great sorting community here on Livejournal, hogwarts_elite, which has been around for 19 terms, is there for the kid in all of you who wants to be a big dork and hang out with other likeminded dorks. Everything from graphics contests, writing contests to movie nights and hilarious discussions happen in the castle, and you know you want to join!

So go submit your application to sorting_elite to find out what house the hat places you in when Term 20 begins January 1st, 2012.

Remember, it could be your last year before the world ends, so have a blast along with us!
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[09 Mar 2011|04:22pm]

Auctions on www.ebid.net, in aid of my university tuition fees,
and my theatre group

Books: University textbooks, audiobooks, school books, craft, photography, history, health, local interest, business, computing, travel, animals, cooking, sewing, home improvements
DVDs (region 2) - celebrity autographs- advertising space- clothes - CDs - collectable plates and ornaments, jewelry - etc etc.

Prices from 99p

http://dvds-unlimited.ebid.net - Budget DVDs
http://a-universe-of-books.ebid.net - nonfiction 2ndhand books.
http://treasure-trove.ebid.net - ornaments and collectables.
http://music-of-the-heart.ebid.net - CDs

celebrity autographs, playbills, knicknacks to raise funds for award-winning non-profit theatre group

If you are looking for something from England please ask me, I may be able to get it for you.

I am UK based, and I sell worldwide. 100% Good feedback on my ebid profile.
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[24 Feb 2011|02:23am]



vsa20in20 is the a new challenge for those of us who love a little competition & making icons involving Victoria's Secret & their AMAZING models. The first round will an open round which means you'll be able to use multiple models. We officially start March 12th so make sure you sign-up for Round One asap! ♥
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[10 May 2010|09:53am]

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[30 Apr 2010|10:35am]

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[15 Mar 2010|10:56am]

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[30 Oct 2009|08:09pm]

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[20 Oct 2009|11:38pm]


Pre-made icons. Anything from cute to dark and demented! All your icon needs. Click the banner!
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Lockerz [20 Oct 2009|07:59pm]


Lockerz is the place to get rewarded for just about EVERYTHING you do on the site. You can earn ptz ("points" - the currency of the site) every day just by logging in and answering questions! Check out just some of the great stuff you can get with your ptz:

Lockerz is invitation only. To get your invite, >click here< or pm me your email address. Get invited and start earning rewards today!

Lockerz is invitation only. To get your invite, >click here< or pm me your email address. Get invited and start earning rewards today!
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[18 Oct 2009|04:31pm]

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[20 Sep 2009|09:29pm]

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[01 Sep 2009|12:08pm]

Новосибирск, закон новоcибирск
взыскание долгов

вебдизайн новосибирск
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promoting for points and cards [25 Aug 2009|01:32pm]



Cards. ♥ Points. ♥ Friends. ♥ Inner Beauty. ♥ Awesome Personalities. ♥ Activities. ♥ Fun.
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[14 Aug 2009|10:19pm]

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[06 Aug 2009|05:44pm]


~Scavenger Hunts
~Points with NICE prizes!
~Easy application
What do you have to lose? Come join the_sweetest_!
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[04 Aug 2009|04:41pm]

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Note Meets Letter [03 Aug 2009|11:38pm]

Note Meets Letter

Music has always had an overwhelming power to awake thought and idea. And now it's time to take the challenge. Every week, a music video chosen by a member from the Dream Box will be posted by the moderators including its lyrics. The challenge is to produce a literary work (genre may be specified) that is inspired by that song. It can be inspired by a line, a verse, or the whole piece itself. Lines and verses can be interpreted in any way you like. So, be creative. By the end of the challenge, a poll will be posted, and a winner is selected. What's the prize? It is fame, ladies and gents, fame.

As for musicians, this community is also for you. In what way? You can drop a link to YOUR video in the Music Box. All comments made in the Music Box and the Dream Box are screened. It must be an original composition, or simply, you playing your instrument in whichever musical piece you please (band videos are okay). You must also include a copy of your lyrics. Music with instrumentals only is also permitted. So what are you waiting for? Join and let your creativity flow!

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~*Eidolon City*~ [02 Aug 2009|11:45am]


When you dream, what do you see?

Welcome to Eidolon City - a place of contrasts, where nothing is quite what it seems and everyone has a goal. For some, that goal is simple: survival. For others: to succeed. To climb over the rest and come out on top. To be the next to rule.

Do you have what it takes? Can you take up the challenge? Where will you place yourself, in the fight where the easy path isn't the path of 'good' and 'right' - in a city where two opposing mob families are locked in an eternal battle for supremacy and think nothing of crushing anyone and everyone who gets in their way, no matter who they are. Being on the side of right can prove to be very bad for your health.

Eidolon City is a new game that opened recently! We are looking for a range of players, but currently we're mostly looking for members of the two mob factions which form the basis of the game! We have a few, but at the moment, we've got more cops, so mafia people, we need you!! There are lots of players looking for connections with theirs, join today!

We're also looking for general cityfolk and have an active wanted list created by our players looking for in game connections, so it's easy to create characters who'll have an automatic in!!


The City
Character Types

Game Info

Game Play
The Community

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Tenth Twilight: A new AU multifandom RP. Murder, mystery, and magic await. Welcome to Rokkenjima. [30 Jul 2009|09:23am]


Tenth Twilight.

Rokkenjima, October 4-5th, 1986. The site of a gruesome murder, the bodies of thirteen found dead. The rest of the island's inhabitants, the Ushiromiya family and the guests who had come to stay at the hotel owned by that prestigious family, simply vanished.

Police found a portrait with an epitaph beneath it. The scene could only be described as eerie. The police read the epitaph, counted it all up... it couldn't be! It was thirteen. Thirteen people mentioned. Thirteen people dead. The rest vanished. Why? WHY?! To revive a witch? What was this?

What happened on the island of Rokkenjima? Who had carried out such crimes? It couldn't be... no... a real witch?!

tenthtwilight is a new multifandom AU rp based on the Umineko no Naku Koro Ni series of games. A seemingly innocent vacation and family conference goes horribly awry as a series of murders is committed in the the stinging rain of a typhoon. That is when a strange letter arrives, declaring that the witch, Beatrice, has come to collect her payments for services due, in blood. Is this really due to a witch?

Characters will come up against the witch and be forced to choose: believe in magic and the witch and thus absolve their fellow humans of all guilt, or deny the witch and condemn themselves to an endless cycle of death and despair. Whichever they choose, their battle has just begun. How long will this game of chess last, and who will be the ultimate victor? What's the truth, you ask? Who is the real culprit, a witch or a human? That is up for you and your character to decide. How about it? Don't you want to join such a fun and interesting game? Kihihihi!

This game offers another twist on the original series. In tenthtwilight ALL characters will have a chance to take on the witch in purgatory. Think of it as an endless game of chess will multiple game boards and multiple opponents! Oh yes. It's not just the witch you're fighting, riiiiiight? Why don't you fight amongst yourselves for a while and tear each other limb from limb while searching for your own distorted truth!

So why don't you just accept it? It's all the work of the witch. Rest in peace until you reach the Golden Land.

Welcome to Rokkenjima.

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[29 Jul 2009|10:54pm]

Love blinkies? Love pixels? These places are for you!

Comment HERE @ circus_paint. Tell them milk_toof sent you!

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